How to Curb a Mansplainer Part 1

I’ve gotten several requests about sharing my mansplainer curbing technique, there are many I’ve acquired so this will be an introduction, if you will. Most articles I’ve read focus on what to say to the mansplainer, how to reason with him. However, 9/10 times, the mansplainer cannot be reasoned with. Don’t bother trying to enlighten him with statistics or your lived experience, the mansplainer is enjoying blessing himself with his verbal diarrhea. The best thing to do is adopt a dominant stance, and a serene but *disinterested* gaze. That alone will shut him up 8/10 times. Like a flame, the mansplainer cannot continue his mansplaining without oxygen, i.e. Your interest( please note, he interprets everything as interest including disagreement and argument). Stay tuned for part duex!


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