Remembering the Forgotten 

This is my aunt, Yelena Baskakova, who was murdered by her abusive husband when she was 28, in July of 1990. Her family (consisting of my mother) was notified two weeks after the fact, and her body was not released to her family, instead she was buried in an anonymous group grave because of Soviet bureaucracy and the low priority of the murder. She was a wonderful artist, and a gentle soul. She was a victim of family abuse, spousal abuse, and the abuse that was to live in the misogynistic culture and laws of the Soviet Union. This is the only photograph I’ve found of her as an adult. This is my way of honoring her life. Thank you @stophatingwomen for giving me the courage to do this. 

Since writing this post originally on Instagram in March of 2017, my mother and I went to a beach in Malibu on Summer Solstice and did a symbolic burial for her. It’s never too late to honor your loved ones.

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