The Truth about Mental Health 

Sorry bout it! It was crushing to be told I just wasn’t running enough, or exercising enough, or meditating enough, or not doing enough yoga, or not eating the right foods when doing everything “right” didn’t make my depressive or anxiety symptoms any better. I’m talking about years of meticulous vegan meal planning, strict and consistent yoga and meditation practice, daily gym runs, journaling, “positive thinking” and more! I felt like such a failure, I must have been doing something wrong, all these things were supposed to cure me! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ A) mental illness is not curable, but it is manageable, and a lot of times it means not buying into the neurotypical bullshit and pressure of just not being depressed. What helped me the most was recognizing that despite their well meaning, my family and friends didn’t understand anything about what I felt, and that my feelings were valid-despite what anyone said. B) everyone deals with their mental illness differently, some people really do benefit from all the things I listed, but if you’ve tried it all and still feel awful, then try something different. ( I will block anyone who starts with but actually exercise/yoga/whatever helped me-that’s great! Make your own post about) C) western treatment is so vilified that I spent 20 years exhausting the “right” alternative methods. What an enormous waste of my time and energy. D) I’ve taught yoga for over a decade and stopped because the positive vibes brigade was bordering on delusional. Positive thinking IS JUST NOT ENOUGH when you have a mental illness!!!! I hope this helps anyone out there struggling with symptoms and being guilted for not running enough/not eating “right”[ a BULLSHIT CONCEPT, it’s all about intuitive eating, check out @chr1styharrison for an intro about it]/ or whatever. Your feelings are valid! Try talking to a therapist about your symptoms, that’s been the most helpful thing for me.

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